Learning Ally’s College Success Program
for students who are blind or visually impaired

A new research-based program designed to give students like you support throughout college.

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The College Success Core Curriculum

Our program is based on research around the needs of blind or visually impaired students like you. We’ve created The College Success Core Curriculum to help provide you with support now.

Get guidance from experienced mentors

Learning Ally’s mentors understand the experience of transitioning into college because they’ve done it themselves! They are all individuals who are blind or visually impaired, have graduated from their post-secondary studies and are moving on to successful careers. If you are a student and would like guidance from our mentors, become a Learning Ally College Success member today.

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Joe Retherford

"I love to help others;
there is no better feeling in the world"

Valeria Paradiso

"This program demonstrates the importance of potential. For instance, being really good at something and realizing that you're suddenly employable. More blind students need to be able to reach this point, and this program can help students get there."

Abigail Lanier

Browse our extensive collection of audio textbooks

Our audiobooks provide students who are blind or visually impaired the texts they need in an accessible format. Membership provides access to our catalog of 80,000 titles.

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A program rich in history

Learning Ally was originally founded in 1948 by Anne T. Macdonald as Recording for the Blind. Its mission was to serve veterans who were blinded in WWII and wanted to attend college on the newly passed GI Bill. Over the years, Learning Ally has grown from a small volunteer effort into a national organization that remains committed to serving students who are blind or visually impaired. We aim to not only continue providing high-quality audio textbooks, but to also connect you with a community of your peers.

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