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For those who have trouble reading, audiobooks are a powerful tool that supports improved comprehension, boosts confidence and leads to better grades. If you or your child have a verified print disability, Learning Ally audiobooks can help.

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Introducing Learning Ally’s College Success program
for students who are blind or visually impaired

A new research-based program designed to give students like you support throughout college.

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We are a national nonprofit with a 65+ year history of providing audio textbooks and other literature to students and veterans

Since 1948 we have helped millions of students who are blind, dyslexic or have other learning disabilities achieve confidence and independence in the classroom and in life.

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Working to build connections in the community 

We work with our partners to raise awareness of learning differences. We support the community, parents, students and educators, by providing free public workshops, online resources and training. Working together we can help impact students' educational journeys.

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About Our Audiobooks

Audiobooks help students become better learners. For those who have trouble learning to read or struggle keeping up with coursework, audiobooks can be a powerful tool that supports improved reading comprehension, boosts confidence, saves time on schoolwork and leads to better grades.  

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Our Members Say it Best

"Giving my daughter access to the books through Learning Ally has opened up her world! It was like giving a person parched in the desert a cold drink of water. She is reading CONSTANTLY and only occasionally comes up for a breath of fresh air. Thank you!"

Tracy, mother of a dyslexic student.