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For millions of people,
this is the
face of dyslexia

Don't label them, enable them.

Learning Ally created The 1in5 Initiative to drive awareness about dyslexia and offer help and hope.

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Who Learning Ally Helps

Thanks to our dedicated volunteers, Learning Ally helps more than 300,000 students and adults who can’t see or who struggle with reading.

Use Audiobooks to Gain Independence

After he joined Learning Ally, homework and reading became much less time-consuming for this dyslexic middle-schooler.

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“My Little Brother Could Read Better than Me.”

Mike B. candidly describes the difficulties he had handling reading and school work as a young student with dyslexia.

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“Now I Can Succeed in High School”

Dyslexic teenager Reynolds S. expounds on the profound difference Learning Ally has made in her life.

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Volunteer Spotlight

“I Always Think About Who’s Listening”
“I Always Think About Who’s Listening”

Professional voice model Anne Richardson elaborates on the pleasure she derives through volunteering as an audiobook narrator at Learning Ally’s Palo Alto studio.

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“What A Difference It Can Make”
“What A Difference It Can Make”

A veteran volunteer with more than 45 years of service to Learning Ally, Jane Seaman shares personal reflections on what keeps her coming back to the recording studio every week.

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No “Covert Affair”:  Chris Gorham Narrates at Learning Ally
No “Covert Affair”: Chris Gorham Narrates at Learning Ally

The star of the popular TV series “Covert Affairs” enjoys narrating audiobooks at Learning Ally’s Hollywood studio.

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Our Volunteers

  • Charles Shaughnessy
  • Charles Pavlov
  • Brenda O’Connor
  • Brian Monk (Wagner)
  • Caitlyn McGill
  • Charles Jenkins
  • Charlie Fink
  • Catherine Fauteux
  • Carol Bach-y-Rita
  • Alberto Torres
  • Aaron Thomas
  • Behram Shroff
  • Anna Pylkkanen
  • Ada Pla-Williams
  • Adena Kershner
  • Bonnie Hinds
  • Arthur Fields
  • Amber Enriquez
  • Alicia Dai
  • Alexander Alvarado
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