How we help

When you become a Learning Ally member, you join a community of parents and experts that are committed to your child’s success, and your child gets unlimited use of our 75,000 audiobooks and other exclusive services.
Our parent support team will work with you to identify your child's unique needs and then help you get the resources needed so they can thrive.
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Our team


One-on-one consultations with our parent support team are an invaluable source of information. Our parent support team is highly trained and have a dyslexic child. They know exactly how you’re feeling and understand what you are facing. And they are prepared to guide you and your child on a path to success.


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Services for your child

Once you join Learning Ally, you and your child will have access to over 75,000 human –narrated audiobooks which can open up a whole new way of learning, while also allowing your child to tap into her natural love of stories.  Our audiobooks are proven to be highly effective in improving learning and performance in school when reading is a challenge. 


Our parent support team will also work with you to recommend and help you advocate for effective reading programs for your child and advise you on other aids and accommodations that may be useful.


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Community and support


As a Learning Ally member, you’ll have access to exclusive webinars on a wide variety of subjects, presented by industry leaders and Learning Ally experts. Here you’ll be able to connect with other parents, learn where you can find a local specialist or reading tutor, and develop a deeper understanding of dyslexia.


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