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YES! students

Learn more about our student resources, the 1in5 Initiative and the YES! (Youth Examples of Self-Advocacy) Program.

Explore 1in5 is a website for students who have dyslexia to learn, share and connect. We invite you to check out the resources and share your own dyslexia story.

Learning Ally's YES! Program is an in-person program that pairs younger students with learning differences with an older student who is trained to offer guidance. It is currently available in Colorado and New Jersey and will be launching soon in Massachusetts and Utah! 

Solutions for You and Your Child

Help with Reading:

Proven reading programs that are designed to teach dyslexics to read.


Studies show confidence, comprehension, and test scores can improve with audiobooks.

Community Access:

Get practical advice and emotional support from your peers.

Build Your Plan:

Our experience helps you learn what to ask and how to ask for it.

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Real Stories

Saskia F., mother

Saskia talks about how Learning Ally helped her child

“Learning Ally really works!”

Hear Saskia's story and watch video>

Eddie M., student

Eddie discusses Learning Ally audiobooks

“Now I’m Proud of My Dyslexia”

Watch Eddie's video>

Dustin H., student

Dustin explains path to being a Valedictorian

From Dyslexic Struggling Reader to Valedictorian

Watch Dustin's video>

Children with dyslexia can learn to read, but they require special instruction

We will guide you to reading programs that are specifically designed to teach dyslexics to read and are proven to work.

View our resources »

Information on multisensory language interventions

icon for an audiobookMSL Interventions

Ask a question

image of people talking on bench Ask a question about reading programs

Programs that are proven to work

Students with dyslexia need multisensory structured language (MSL) instruction.

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Reinforce the connections between the symbols the student sees, the sounds the student hears, and the actions they can feel

Use teaching techniques that are explicit, direct, cumulative, intensive, and focused on the structure of language

Coordinate the use of visual, auditory, and kinesthetic–tactile (VAKT) pathways simultaneously to enhance memory and learning of written language

We can connect you to reading specialists

"We were having trouble finding a good reading tutor, given our location. After researching the Learning Ally Tutor Network, we found a tutor and now things are turning around."
Rebecca S., mother of a 6th grade dyslexic student


Learn about our reading tutor network

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Audiobooks can help your child become a better reader and a more effective learner

With audiobooks, we will improve your child's reading comprehension, boost their confidence, help save time on schoolwork leading to better overall grades.

Need help getting started?

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image of child with dyslexia using audiobook Why audiobooks are important

Tips for a successful start with audiobooks

  1. Access audiobooks using Link, our latest reading software
  2. Start with 3-5 high interest titles
  3. Set aside plenty of time to practice listening
  4. Be flexible, maybe your child wants to listen while lying in bed or coloring a picture
  5. Experiment with the pitch and speed to find the right fit
  6. Read along with your child and discuss the story
Parent Tips

See what our members say about audiobooks

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“My son has downloaded a few audiobooks and they have made books come alive for him! Thank you Learning Ally.”
Kathy M., parent of an elementary student with dyslexia

Our tagline is “Together It’s Possible” because we know no one succeeds alone.

We build strong communities of support for our members.

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Community & Events

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The 1in5 Initiative

The power of the Learning Ally community is available to you

Connecting you to a community that gets it

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"Getting involved with your social media and community events has empowered our family. We know more, we’ve connected with other families. And honestly? We just feel less alone.”
Caroline K., mother of a 5th grade dyslexic student
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It’s often harder to find what works when your child has a learning difference.

Our experienced team can help you develop the skills to know what to ask for, and help your child learn to advocate for himself.

The YES! Advocacy Program

Learn more
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decorative icon Know your basic rights

Read about building a sense of self

Link to page about building sense of self Building a sense of self

Advocacy tips for your student

Explore our Dyslexia Resources for answers to questions about:

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Effective reading interventions

Navigating the special education process

Collaborating with teachers

Common accommodations and assistive technology

Building self-advocacy skills in your child


View Dyslexia Resources

We'll help you become a champion for your child

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“In the beginning, I had no idea what to do. It was as if the teachers and administrators were speaking another language. With Learning Ally's guidance, I know what I need to do in school and how to go about getting it.”
Amy S., champion for Maya, an 8th grade student
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