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There are 10.4 Million Reasons to Give

Give The Gift of Reading This Holiday Season

If you are the parent of a child with dyslexia or a related learning disability, you know firsthand how their struggle to read can impact their life in and out of the classroom.  We at Learning Ally are proud to support your child’s success.

10.4 million American students struggle to read the printed word.  Today we reach 230,000.  With your help, we can provide support and hope for so many more. This year why not honor someone with a donation in their name, or ask family, friends, and colleagues help you fundraise to give the gift of reading to students who need it most. 

Create your own fundraising page and ask your loved ones to support your cause.  It's a fast an easy way to fulfill the true purpose of the season and transform the lives of kids in need.

This year we are asking you to help us achieve our annual fund goal of $150,000 by Dec. 31,  to provide more students with academic success in the new year.

You can help millions of children like yours reach their academic potential.  

Donations of any size help us reach our goal!

Join a Fundraising Team

Collectively Support the Success of More Students in Need

Family Access and Support Services

For every $250 you raise, you can provide the gift of reading and support services to 2 of the over 11,000 families who qualify for a subscription fee waiver.

Produce an Audiobook

For every $750 you raise, you can add another audio book to our collection, and get it into the hands and devices of our students.

Support School Membership

For every $5,000 you raise you can help a whole school or even district full of students gain access to Learning Ally.