Therese Llorente

Therese Llorente

National Board Vice-Chair

Therese was born and raised in Northern California. She studied Kinesiology at UCLA and graduated with a Bachelors of Science in 1985. A summer job as a lifeguard at the 1984 Olympics inspired her to travel and work abroad. Three days of game show winnings from “Press Your Luck” helped to fund the dream to travel and work overseas. She traveled throughout Europe and was hired by Sony Corporation to work as an English teacher in two SONY factories in Central Japan. She provided classroom instruction and cultural counseling to prepare Sony staff assuming positions in the U.S. and Europe. After two years with SONY, Therese was hired by Yagami Sei Saku Sho to open a US branch called Shinwa Medical. The purpose of the company was to bring the latest technology in Cardiac and Orthopedic rehabilitation through exclusive distribution rights and licensing agreements to the Japanese medical market. She was in charge of securing the distribution rights and organizing and directing sales training for the entire Shinwa product line. In addition, her role at Shinwa was to work with the prefectural government to acquire federal funding for the development of the 70-acre state-of-the-art health promotion community named Aichi Kenko no Mori. She spent four years with Shinwa living between Nagoya, Japan and San Francisco. She returned to the US to live full time in San Francisco and worked for LEP International, a global logistic/ supply chain management corporation as global sales manager. During this time, she married her husband, Peter. They started a family a few years later and moved to Colorado. She continued working part time for LEP until her second child turned one year old.

As a stay home mom, Therese has devoted her volunteer hours towards her children’s school as an enrichment Japanese instructor. She has also served on various school fundraising committees. For seven years she has worked as a volunteer Ambassador for Seeds of Hope. This organization provides scholarship and tutoring to children at inner city catholic schools. She has worked with Seeds of Hope at Loyola Catholic School as a math and reading teaching assistant.

Therese’s daughter was diagnosed with dyslexia in 4th grade. She quickly focused her volunteer efforts to organizations that could help her daughter with her Learning Disability. Therese’s daughter, Stephanie became a spokesperson for Learning Ally and Therese soon joined the Colorado Board for Learning Ally. In addition she headed up the Colorado Division for the Learning Ally Community Outreach and Strategic Planning task force. She is now on the parent committee for the YES! Program, a dyslexia mentoring program with the Rocky Mountain Branch of the International Dyslexia Association.

In her free time she loves to ski, swim and travel.