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As Learning Ally employees: We understand that people learn differently, and are committed to helping individuals with a visual disability or learning differences achieve their full potential.

We are proud to say that:

  • we play a role in the educational and personal success of our members
  • our collection of human-read audiobooks and literature titles is the largest in the world
  • our parent support services are a valuable and expert resource
  • our professional development gives educators strategies that immediately impact their classroom
  • we continually evolve and expand our range of products and services
  • we work hard to ensure our member experience is exemplary

Working for Learning Ally


As a Learning Ally employee, you know you are part of an organization that positively impacts the lives of others. Our thank you letters and success stories are a testament to what we do and inspire us to achieve more.

You will also be working for a non-profit organization that is driving change and is results-oriented to achieve its mission.

To attract and retain the best-of-the-best, we believe in providing our employees with a range of work options and company-sponsored benefits. Depending on your eligibility, benefits include:

  • Medical, dental and vision benefits
  • Life and accident insurance
  • Paid time off (vacation, sick, personal)
  • Paid Holidays (including a week at the end of the year when most Learning Ally offices close)
  • Short and long-term disability insurance
  • Dependent care flexible spending account
  • Health care flexible spending account
  • Employee assistance program
  • Peer awarded incentive program
  • Service award program
  • Bereavement Leave
  • Pet Insurance
  • Credit Union membership
  • Community Service Program

Our Culture

We have a strong commitment to our mission. We are mindful of our long history, and based on our success, have the motivation to meet and exceed our current and future members’ needs.

We approach challenges and opportunities with an open mind, and question the status quo – believing there is always room for improvement. We recognize that by being bold and innovative we risk making mistakes, and together, we ensure that we learn from our experience, make better future decisions, and celebrate our successes.

We encourage and support a culture of learning, strong relationships built upon respect, and excellent internal and external customer service. Our employee engagement and performance program embeds these behaviors into our daily activities and helps us achieve and measure our accomplishments and explore our potential.

In fostering this culture, we ensure that everything we do helps parents, teachers and students learn and thrive.

Culture Statement

We take ownership of our actions and are accountable for our work. We take pride in our achievements and understand the impact they have on us and others.

We enjoy what we do and collaborate to provide our community and each other with exceptional service, partnerships, and insight for individual and collective success.

We are open and honest in our communications, act with a sense of urgency, and inspire each other to be creative and discover new and original ways to deliver timely and efficient solutions that significantly impact our mission.

We are respectful toward one another, have high integrity, and earn each other’s trust.

Current Job Opportunities

Community Engagement

Developing services and engagement activities for parents, students, educators & volunteers.

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Digital Content

Producing quality audiobooks – providing independence, helping students succeed.

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Pride of ownership for the spaces where staff fulfills Learning Ally’s mission.

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Finance and Accounting

Partnering internally for financial security and growth.

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Human Resources

Attracting, retaining and developing the best of the best.

Marketing, Creative & Public Relations

Connecting with millions to say who we are and what amazing success we can inspire.

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Member Success

Ensuring personal and educational success for individuals, educators and parents.

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Making all things possible through fundraising and strategic partnerships

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School Success

Our sales, implementation, training, & professional development teams.


Meeting all our customer needs through seamless technology solutions.

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Strategic Partnerships & Solutions Development

Developing products and services to support LD and BVI families.

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Learning Ally interns have the opportunity to learn and use a variety of skills including marketing, market research, financial development, product development, analytics, and “internal” strategy consulting. While we generally reserve paid internships for full-year commitments, opportunity exists for unpaid internships toward school credit.

Current Internships

"My internship at Learning Ally has been a tremendous growth experience. Not only have I learned what kind of career I would like to pursue within my field, but I learned the best business practices that cannot be found within the classroom. Between my supervisor, Learning Ally staff, and others in the community, I have learned more about project management, systems analyses, and working with teams inside and outside the business. I am so grateful to have gained the knowledge and experience that I have through this internship, and would highly recommend Learning Ally to anyone and everyone." - E Mortenson, Technology Internship, 2016

How to Apply for Employment and Intern Opportunities

We welcome your résumés and cover letters for any of our career and intern opportunities. Interested applicants should contact us at: The Human Resources Department Learning Ally, Inc. 20 Roszel Road Princeton, NJ 08540 E-mail

Learning Ally is an Equal Opportunity Employer