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We are a national non-profit dedicated to the support of teachers, parents and students who learn differently due to blindness, visual impairment, dyslexia or other reading-based learning disabilities. Started in 1948 as a Recording for the Blind for returning WW II veterans, we now offer the world’s largest collection of human-narrated audio textbooks and literature. Plus, we’ve expanded our solutions and community outreach to become a trusted partner and reliable friend to parents, teachers, and students who read and learn differently.

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Solutions Designed for Student Success

Learning Ally’s goal is to provide comprehensive solutions for educators and parents to support student success over the course of their educational journey. Students with dyslexia, blindness or visual impairment benefit from audio textbooks and literature, practical advice and emotional support to build confidence. We combine simple, yet powerful technology like human-narrated audiobooks, with services that enables educators and parents to help students thrive.

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We help your child find confidence and recognize strengths, and advocate for themself, while providing access to 80,000 human-narrated audiobooks that support reading skill development.

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We provide professional development, technology, and tools to personalize learning and improve outcomes,including platforms like Link and Teacher Ally for reading and tracking progress, dyslexia awareness training, school support services and webinars from experts.

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We provide advice, guidance, and access to experts and peer support to put parents on a path to helping their child thrive as a learner, including parent support consultations, support for audiobook use, community events and on-demand online resources.

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College Students & Adults Learning Ally stands ready to transition with students to college providing support to follow you to campus, including mobile & desktop reading software, 80,000 audiobooks, advocacy support, mentorship and scholarships.

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Why Audiobooks?

Learning Ally provides audiobooks using human narration that’s proven to improve reading comprehension, boost confidence and lead to better grades. Understand how our audiobooks can unlock a student’s learning potential.

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Initiatives that Transform Student Lives

Learning Ally supports our community of teachers, parents and students through initiatives that strive to educate and support students from identifying issues early on to ensuring that they can reach their full potential as they progress.

The 1 in 5 Initiative

Creating awareness of dyslexia through an open community sharing experiences. Learn more ›

National Achievement Awards

Providing scholarships for members who are visually impaired or have a learning disability. Learn more ›

Learning Ally Partners

Learning Ally partners with other like-minded organizations in hopes of providing information and solutions for those looking for help managing learning and print disabilities. See more of our partners ›

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Our volunteers stand ready to empower students, unlock knowledge, and build confidence and independence. We have programs for individuals, students and corporations willing to donate time to support the development of our audiobooks and other educational resources.

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Learning Ally is a nonprofit organization that relies on public and private funding for support. Your donations help us ensure that individuals who need financial assistance can continue to gain access to our audiobook collection, and we continue to enhance our products and solutions so students achieve. Together, it’s possible.

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