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33 and Me!

Create a reading revolution at your school!

33 days. 33 books. 33 minutes.
You decide! You win! 

Research shows that when students read 33 times in a year, they experience improved academic outcomes. Choose a 33 goal, start reading and receive recognition and a chance for prizes!

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How does 33 and Me work?


33 and Me! is a new reading program designed to reward schools, educators, and students who are actively improving their reading habits. Teachers sign up to receive a launch plan with steps to get started, links to resources and tips for audiobook reading in class.

Using your customized launch plan, teachers and students have the flexibility to decide how they want to incorporate a 33 goal into their reading plans between the program period dates of 9/15/17 and 12/15/17. Get creative to accomplish these, but remember the 3 main goals Learning Ally will monitor are:

1. Read 33 days. (We recommend reading for at least 20 minutes, but 5 minutes will technically count for this goal.)

2. Read 33 books.

3. Read 33 minutes on 9 weekends.

When a 33 reading goal is completed in the program period, the educator, school or student will be entered in a raffle to win a prize.


photo of teacher

Teachers: Sign up for a launch plan. You are in the raffle drawing for $100 gift cards and prize packs.

- 3 Elementary School teachers will win.
- 3 Middle School teachers will win.
- 3 High School teachers will win.

photo of student

Students: Complete a 33 reading goal, either days, books, or weekend minutes. You are in the raffle drawing for $50 gift cards, t-shirts, and certificates!

- 3 Elementary School students will win.
- 3 Middle School students will win.
- 3 High School students will win.

photo of school

Schools: Each time one of your students completes a 33 reading goal, you are in the raffle drawing for a class gift card and set of books! Each goal met gets you another entry!

- 1 small school will win.
- 1 medium school will win.
- 1 large school will win.

FREE Downloads

Use our donor-supported resources to make 33 and Me! a success at your school.

Gain access to the following materials through your launch plan!

  • Classroom Poster
  • Reading Tracking Calendar
  • Parent & Student Letter
  • Lesson Plans
  • Technology Options Guide

Let's talk strategies!

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Join us for a review of all of the resources available to educators. Get insights on creating a reading revolution at your school as you participate in 33 and Me! Register to watch on demand.

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