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The Quick Step Guide to Using Teacher Ally

Understand roles that are assigned to educators in Teacher Ally.

Step 1 | Add Students

  • Go to MANAGE STUDENTS to begin adding students.

  • Click ADD A STUDENT.

  • Complete form and click CREATE STUDENT to save.

  • Select student from the manage students tab and make note of the student’s username and password. You can also print student log in to share with the student or parent.

Step 2 | Certify Students

  • Go to the CERTIFICATION* tab above the top menu.


  • Click SELECT DISABILITY and choose from the drop-down box to select the appropriate print disability.

    *Note: Only someone on your school’s account with a certifier role (watch roles video) can complete this step before each student can download audiobooks. This is someone in your school, who can verify a student’s print disability, e.g. special education teacher, school psychologist, speech language pathologist, occupational therapist, case manager, etc.

    Learn more about who qualifies.

Step 3 | Assign Books

  • Go to BROWSE AUDIOBOOKS or the SEARCH BAR to find and select a title.

  • Click ADD TO BOOKSHELF and assign books to one or multiple students.

    Note: Not sure which audiobooks to start with?

    Use our great starts list.

Step 4 | Choose a playback method and download audiobooks

  • Go to INSTALL AUDIOBOOKS to choose your device and follow the prompts to download the appropriate playback method. Once your download is completed, log in with the student user name and password.

  • All the books added to the student’s online bookshelf appear on the app or software after log in.

  • Select the books you want to listen to in order to download. Be sure you have a Wi-Fi or cable connection when downloading books. Students will not need an internet connection to listen once the book is downloaded to their device.

Step 5 | Track and Monitor Progress

  • Your dashboard provides a list of students and a high level report of their pages read.

  • After a student has listened to pages, select student from MANAGE STUDENT tab and review or print the reading progress for each individual student. You can easily share this information with other teachers, parents or provide this report during their next IEP meeting.

Help Guide | How to use Learning Ally at home (letter for parents in English / in Spanish)

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