Provide human-narrated audiobooks for your struggling readers

1 in 5 students has a learning disability. Learning Ally's research-proven educational solutions can help.

Learning Ally, a national nonprofit, has a proven record of working with educators to help struggling readers improve reading comprehension, self-confidence and academic performance.

We offer the largest collection of human-narrated core-curriculum content, educator resources, support materials and student engagement tools.

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Learning Ally has 80,000 human-narrated audiobooks

Test prep, popular fiction, classic literature, textbooks and study aids are a download away. Listen on computers - now including Chromebooks, smartphones and other devices using accessible technology with page-level navigation, text highlighting and audio or speed adjustments.

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Download the infographic "Why Audiobooks Work" to bust the myths about ear reading.

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Boost reading at your school in the Great Reading Games!

Schools and students increase their reading activity and are recognized with awards and prizes.

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Learning Ally helped them assist students to meet their learning objectives

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Learning Ally is a critical part of an overall solution that helps students stay engaged in school

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Students that use Learning Ally are able to comprehend assigned grade-level reading

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Students using Learning Ally demonstrate improved self-confidence

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Students using Learning Ally demonstrated improvements in academic performance

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Learning Ally helps students develop or reinforce the skills needed for reading

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Would recommend Learning Ally

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Learning Ally helped their child

Students succeed with Learning Ally

Does your school have a culture that supports struggling readers?

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Explore 45 ways to build a reading culture in your school.

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Is dyslexia hiding in your classroom?

Get the tools and information you need to identify dyslexia in your classroom and understand specific learning disabilities (SLD).

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