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Henry Winkler: "I Had a Name-- I Was Dyslexic"

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Henry Winkler DyslexicMany people recognize actor, director, producer, and author Henry Winkler from his role as “The Fonz,” but since his sitcom days, Winkler has taken on another role: dyslexia advocate. Winkler himself is dyslexic, and though he struggled academically all throughout grade school, he didn’t realize he had the learning disability until his son was diagnosed with it. Identifying the reason behind his reading struggles was a revelation for Winkler, who said in a recent interview with the Chicago Tribune,
"I realized I was not stupid. I was not lazy. I had a name-- I was dyslexic."
Since learning of dyslexia, Winkler has co-authored a series of books about a dyslexic boy named Hank Zipzer, who navigates mishaps inspired by Winkler’s own childhood. The series currently has seventeen book titles and is set to be made into a television show later this year. Through his book series and other work, Winkler hopes to raise awareness of dyslexia and instill confidence in kids who may be struggling with the learning disability. Note: For members interested in reading the Hank Zipzer series, we have all the titles available for download in Learning Ally's library.

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