About Learning Ally

Helping Blind, Visually Impaired & Dyslexic Students Thrive

We are about personal achievement.

We understand that all people learn differently and may need options to achieve their full potential. We are dedicated to helping individuals grow and succeed academically when access and reading are barriers to their learning. We will succeed by partnering with our communities and being a champion for those we serve so they may have the most accessible and effective solutions to achieve their personal best.


For all people to have equal opportunities to learn.


Promote personal achievement when access and reading are barriers to learning by advancing the use of accessible and effective educational solutions.


We are a national non-profit dedicated to helping blind, visually impaired and dyslexic students succeed in education. Started in 1948 in the New York Public Library as Recording for the Blind, the organization utilized volunteers to record books for blinded veterans returning from WW II. We now offer the world’s largest collection of human-narrated audio textbooks and literature as well as solutions, support and community for parents, teachers and students.

Our Passion and Commitment to Helping Students

For Learning Ally helping students overcome challenges and succeed is what drives us. We strive to develop the best educational solutions, from audiobooks to support services, for blind, visually impaired and dyslexic students from kindergarten through college and beyond.

Students with Dyslexia

We provide tools to help develop the skills needed to become confident and effective learners at every stage.

Blind and Visually Impaired Students

We provide audiobooks and assistive technologies to help students learn and excel in the classroom and in life.

Solutions Designed for Student Success

Kindergarten through 12th Grade Students Learning Ally provides proven solutions for K-12 educators and parents that drives student success. We truly believe students have the best opportunity to succeed when backed by a knowledgeable, supportive, and tightly knit parent–teacher team. Our goal is to empower this team and help students build confidence in the classroom by combining human-narrated audiobooks with practical advice and emotional support.


We help students find confidence and recognize their strengths so they can learn and thrive. We help them advocate for themselves, so they know when and how to ask for help. And we provide access to 80,000 human-narrated audiobooks that support reading skill development and provide equal access to learning for those students who struggle to read the printed word.

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We provide educators with tools to improve student outcomes: Professional Development that truly helps them understand and empathize with students who learn differently. We work with them to develop new teaching skills and strategies that they can apply to the classroom. Technology platforms like Teacher Ally that allows them to easily track student progress. Ongoing training and support through live events as well as access to ongoing expert webinars.

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Helping a student who “learns differently” is not an easy task for a parent – we make sure parents are not alone and help them get on a path to success. We provide ongoing guidance and advice through individual consultations, webinars with experts, live and online community events as well as on-demand online resources. Our parent services are designed to be there with the parent at every step along the journey.

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College Students & Adults Learning Ally stands ready to transition with students to college or an adult learning environment. We provide the tools and support needed to succeed on campus, and later in life: powerful reading software for mobile & desktop, mentorship to make sure students are provided with guidance they need to excel and even scholarships that help pay for college.

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Initiatives that Transform Student Lives

The YES! student advocacy program

Helping students recognize their strengths and weaknesses while becoming strong self advocates Learn more ›

The 1 in 5 Initiative

Creating awareness of dyslexia through an open community sharing experiences. Learn more ›

National Achievement Awards

Providing scholarships for members who are visually impaired or have a learning disability. Learn more ›

Learning Ally Partners

Learning Ally partners with other like-minded organizations in hopes of providing information and solutions for those looking for help managing learning and print disabilities.

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A Heritage of Volunteering

Our volunteers stand ready to empower students, unlock knowledge, and build confidence and independence. We have programs for individuals, students and corporations willing to donate time to support the development of our audiobooks and other educational resources.

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Learning Ally relies on public and private funding for support. Donations, large and small, help to ensure that students who need access to our audiobook and support services can receive them. Philanthropic support ensures we are constantly innovating and enhancing our products and services in order to help students achieve. At Learning Ally we believe education is a right not a privilege, for all students.

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